I’m really having a blast sharing these.

Maybe I’m the only one.

All the same, I’m kind of relieved that this is the last poem I shared on my Myspace, because that means I don’t have to keep signing into Myspace to copy these.  All this week I’ve been getting emails from Myspace saying that people (bands and porn robots) have added me.  So sad.

This one was inspired by a moment I had while I was sitting at the Kresge Cafe.  It was my sophomore year, so I think that by this time the cafe was called The Owl’s Nest.

I spent a lot of time at Kresge College because that’s where most of my Literature classes were held.  The Lit department used to be located there, but it moved when they built the Humanities building at Cowell.  Even after that happened, though, I still had to go to Kresge for most of my Lit lectures.

Kresge College was, and is, a very cool place.  They have a Food Co-Op that sells organic avocados.  I bought a cup of coffee there once.  It was cold because it had been sitting in the pot for hours and the paper cup they put it in was super beat up and there was a small bug floating around in it.  I still accepted the coffee when the cute hippie handed it to me (a habitual mistake), and in return I handed him a perfectly good dollar bill.

Owl’s Nest?  Co-Op?  Owls?  Coop?  “The Owl’s Are Not What They Seem”?  Agent Dale Cooper? 

Dear God, what a dorky epiphany.

All right.

So, the Kresge Cafe/Owl’s Nest was probably my favorite cafe on campus aside from the Stevenson Coffee Shop.  I mean, Stevenson had the best coffee and the best avocado and cheese sandwiches and baked goods really don’t get much better than Oatmeal Fudgies, but the Kresge Cafe had BURGERS.  Good Ones.  And sometimes, ya know, all I wanted was a Good Goddamn Burger.

I used to keep a journal next to me while I was eating Good Goddamn Burgers at The Kresge Cafe/Owl’s Nest.  THIS journal, to be specific:

How cool was College Steff?  Seriously.

I’d scribble in this thing before, after, and during Burger consumption.  Here’s a little ditty that I posted on Myspace in March of 2007.  The version found in this journal is slightly longer, but I fixed it up to submit to my Creative Writing class.  Yes.  Yes, I did.  And my classmates loved it.  Probably because it was a quick read.

Here goes nothin’.  Again.



The song they’re playing right now
on the stereo at this cafe
is absolutely beautiful.
I can’t understand a single word
the singer’s singing
but his voice is still great
and I love that I can hear
someone playing the triangle
in the background
–or are they chimes?
Considering where I am
it’s probably some song
by some Indie band
that Someone put on a CD
titled “Tuesday Afternoon Mix.”
I would love to shake that Someone’s hand.


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