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I’m Free.

I did it.

I quit my damn job.

I put in my two weeks notice last Tuesday, and on Friday they told me to go ahead and leave.

So I did.


I packed up my instant oatmeal

and my chamomile tea

and my finger puppet

and left.

I didn’t want to make a dramatic exit,

but I was forced to.

Let me tell, you,

it’s awkward to walk up to a co-worker and say,

“I put in my two weeks two days ago

but they’re asking me to leave now.

So, this is goodbye.”

It causes confusion.

None of it was my fault.



Oh well.

Today was my first official day

of being unemployed.

(I mean, I was unemployed after I graduated college

but that was different:

everyone I knew was unemployed.)

My mom took me to get Dim Sum.

And it was the best Dim Sum.

We had pork buns

and shrimp noodles

and Chinese broccoli with eel sauce

(I think),

and we talked about my former place of employment

and how it’s unfortunate that I had to leave

(because really, I had to),

and then I said that I should go to the dentist soon

but I hate dentists

because they’re so judgmental

but the dentist I went to see when I lived in Santa Cruz was so nice…

And my mom said,

“Go see him.”

I said,

“Go to Santa Cruz for a dentist appointment?”

“Why not?”

She then suggested I drive up north

and stay a week

(or more)

and have a blast

and clear my head

and go to the damn dentist

and look for a job when I get back.

I said,

“I actually came up with that idea  few days ago

but I talked myself out of it.”


“I convinced myself I didn’t deserve to go.”

“Why did you do that?”

“Because I beat myself up over these kinds of things.”

“Don’t do that.”

I’m going to take a roadie.

By myself.

I’m going to go up to Santa Cruz

to visit my buddies,

and then I’ll see where I end up.

Maybe I will take an extra week,

maybe not.

Maybe I will go to the dentist,

maybe not.

Maybe I’ll bring my ukulele

and play on the street corner

if and when I run outta money.

Maybe I’ll find a job in San Francisco

and never come back.

Maybe I’ll elope with some hippie.


I think this is exactly what I’m supposed to do.

My trip isn’t for another week.

I have a lot of planning to do.

If you live up north and you’re a friend of mine, do contact me.

I need places to stay.

In the meantime,

being unemployed in my hometown is pretty fun.

Mom is taking me to the zoo tomorrow.


The Zoo.





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